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I’m Lisa the face behind Blossom floral events. I launched the business in 2019, creating my dream job of working from home in my custom-built workshop doing what I love designing and creating beautiful floral displays. Each day is different and the people I have the pleasure to work and create for all have different wants and needs, this keeps my job fun and always interesting.

The Story Of My Floristry Journey

I stumbled upon the world of floristry one day, got completely swept away into the flowery world and have never left.
I studied City and Guilds Floristry at Edinburgh’s Telford College.
I then worked for various busy flower shops gaining valuable experience before becoming self-employed in my own shop in Edinburgh.

Roslin Florist

With over 20 years of experienceworking with flowerswhy did I want to change?

Having worked in a few different flower shops with some of the top florists in Edinburgh and Midlothian making many wonderful friends I was ready to take the next step in my career and wanted a new challenge that I could be in control of. Taking a slight sidestep from the commercial side of floristry has given me the opportunity to focus more on the things I love, this includes workshops, weddings, funerals, and unique gifts.

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Midlothian Flowers
Midlothian Flowers

Fresh Materials To Ensure Fresh Flowers

Sourcing flowers from local and international flower suppliers regularly ensures that I will have the best in-season flowers at the time. This means that the arrangements will always look their best and stand out from the crowd. Another advantage is if we are looking for a certain colour for your arrangement, then if the original flower choice doesn’t look so good I can substitute with a better-looking flower.

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  • Custom Designs 100% 100%
  • Customer Satisfaction 100% 100%
  • Fresh Factor 100% 100%

Blossom Floral Events Aims

Having worked in various florists in Edinburgh and Midlothian I feel that I have created something special with Blossom Floral Events. My aims are to deliver a personal service and really do my best to come up with ideas and ways to help you get exactly what you are looking for. Pulling together and using all the experience I have been lucky enough to gain working with some incredible florists and customers over the years.

The Roslin Florist Blossom Floral Events Top 3 Tips For Flower Care

Roslin Florist
Step 1

Remove All Wrapping

Remove all wrapping including the water bubble soon after receiving your flowers.
Remove any foliage that will be below the water line to avoid harmful bacterial growth.
Cut the stems at an angle to allow better water intake, place in a clean vase with fresh, clean water.

Step 2

Choose Your Spot

A spot in a cool room is ideal to place your flowers. Avoiding radiators and other direct heat sources and windows, direct sunlight and draughts.

Step 3


Every few days change the water and keep the vase nice and clean removing any faded foliage and blooms to avoid harmful bacterial growth.